ALM Team Foundation Server VSO

TFS/VSTS agent behind a corporate proxy

Many companies use a http proxy with authentication. Since TFS 2017 the agents are based on .NET Core to be cross-platform. The new agents are unable to obtain the proxy settings from the operating system (Internet Explorer settings).

I’ve found this solution to set a http proxy for the VSTS agents.

  1. Create a file .proxy in the agents root folder and write the proxy in it.


  2. Username and password can be set with environment variables
    [Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("VSTS_HTTP_PROXY_USERNAME", "proxyuser", "User")
    [Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("VSTS_HTTP_PROXY_PASSWORD", "proxypassword", "User")

    See also the documentation on GitHub.

ALM Team Foundation Server VSO

TFS got a new homepage

Good News! Some days ago Microsoft published a release candidate of their first update to TFS 2017 (Release Notes).

The very big improvement is the new personal homepage.

If you’re using Visual Studio Online (VSO) in the cloud, you can activate the new homepage by clicking on the preview link.

Have a look at the Work tab. TFS has now an overall report of the open work in all team projects. This is the great new feature we have waited for years. Thank you Microsoft!

Nw you can always keep track of your open work in all projects.